The Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development (LISD) is working towards climate stabilization. In May, LISD director Peter Droege gave a talk in Italy about the energy revolution. In June, the institute is attending a circular economy conference in Finland.

The LISD wants to help curb global warming. One important step towards this goal is the circular economy, and as part of the Circular Economy Liechtenstein (CEL) project, the institute is helping Liechtenstein position itself as a leader in the field.

Now, the LISD is participating in a series of international congresses. In Mid May, LISD director Peter Droege gave a talk on climate change in cities at the SBE19 conference in Sicily, which focused on sustainable urban planning.

At the start of June, the LISD is attending the third World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki, which is expected to attract around 2,000 international experts. The goal of the conference is to find new ways to drive the circular economy.    

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