Oerlikon Balzers is launching a new dental implantology coating on the market. With this, the specialist in surface solutions is aiming to underscore its growth strategy within the medical sector.

The coating goes by the name of Balimed Ticana. Its natural-looking gum color is designed to offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the tooth abutments, which are connecting elements between a dental implant and the dental prostheses treatment. This incredibly smooth coating, which is based on the Oerlikon Balzers patented S3p technology, allows stable fixation of implants over a long period of time, the press release explains. It is characterized by a particularly high level of corrosion resistance. The hard coating offers protection against wear and tear and additionally provides a high degree of stability for crowns.

According to information from the company itself, dental instruments coated with Balimed Ticana offer a highly smooth, hard, chemically stable surface quality that can be sterilized at high temperatures. Color coding allows dentists and surgeons to more easily identify their dental instruments during dental treatments.

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