The University of Liechtenstein and formatio Private School are together investigating how the concept of self-leadership can be integrated in the school curriculum. The findings of this study will be applied to an Erasmus+ project that aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities of young adults.

A joint project being carried out by the University of Liechtenstein and formatio Private School in Triesen is focusing on how self-leadership abilities can be strengthened as part of practical school curriculums. The research hypothesis states that self-leadership is vital for the self-confidence, self-regulation and self-motivation of students. According to a press release issued by the university, students of today require “ever stronger self-leadership skills in order to find their place in the world and successfully survive in the future”. It is only those that are aware of their own strengths, talents, feelings and passions that are able to make sound decisions. For this reason, basic education should also focus on the development of such skills, according to the university’s press release. In addition to theoretical insights, practical experiences from educational settings will also be integrated in the study. A research assistant from the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership taught self-management lessons to ninth grade students at the formatio Private School, while another research assistant and PhD student is currently teaching twelfth grade students about mindfulness techniques. Both are keen to apply their experiences to an Erasmus+ project. This aims to “strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities of both school and university students by introducing mindfulness-based self-leadership methods to the curriculum to prepare them for future challenges”.

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