Obligatory health insurance enables persons who live or work in Liechtenstein to source benefits in kind and financial benefits in the event of sickness or accident, if these are not covered by accident insurance.

In Liechtenstein, the employer pays a part of the obligatory health insurance premiums of the employee. If the employee is employed on a full-time basis, the premiums are divided equally between the employer and the employee. The employer contribution for part-time employees declines in accordance with the level of employment. The employer contribution is based on the national average premium, and is recalculated each year by the Office of Public Health. This contribution continues to apply, even if a voluntary higher cost participation is selected. In the case of young persons, the employee contribution corresponds to half of the contribution for adults. For 2018 the employer contribution is CHF 155.50 per month for adults and CHF 77.75 for young persons.

Statutory basis (German only)