The Principality of Liechtenstein is home to a specialised financial centre with a strong international network and a high level of stability. After manufacturing, financial services form the second-largest sector in the country’s economy. The FMA enforces international standards in the supervision of financial market participants.

EU-compatible financial market regulation

Liechtenstein’s membership of the EEA means it applies the same legal requirements to financial market participants as the countries of the European Union. Located in the heart of Europe, Liechtenstein uses the Swiss franc as its official currency and offers a stable legal and social framework as well as an excellent quality of life. A solid public financial policy, minimal bureaucracy in addition to a transparent and predictable fiscal and legal framework contribute to Liechtenstein’s attractiveness as a business hub. Liechtenstein's AAA rating issued by Standard & Poor's underlines this status.

Innovative – the Regulatory Laboratory

Where the financial world meets new technologies, innovative regulatory solutions are needed. That is why the FMA has established the Regulatory Laboratory, an internal knowledge centre focussing exclusively on the regulation of and innovations within the field of financial technologies. No supervision gap can be allowed to develop at the interface between regulation, new technologies and the existing market. This is where the Regulatory Laboratory comes in. Its projects look into, for example, how innovative business models can be applied to the financial sector. Experts investigate how the supervisory process can be designed to match the quality demands placed on financial market supervision at an international level.