We are proud to have Mike Gault as our main speaker for this event @ CV-Labs in Vaduz.

Mike is the CEO and Founder of Guardtime, a company he has led for the last 10 years. He started his career on a post-doctoral fellowship conducting research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on the numerical analysis of quantum devices. He then spent 10 years as a quant and derivatives trader at Credit Suisse Financial Products and Barclays Capital before starting Guardtime.
His presentation will cover the background on how Estonian Government came to a realization of the criticality of integrity, not just data integrity but process, systems and network integrity. He will then introduce the cryptographic building blocks of blockchain and describe how the Estonian Government and Financial Institutions leverage the technology for the purposes of cybersecurity and audit - financial, infrastructure and internal process audits.
We will have food and drinks for all guests attending and will open more seats, if it is possible next week. So stay tuned on this meetup page, our twitter ( twitter.com/blockchainmeet1 )or in our telegram group ( t.me/bcmfl ).

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